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Welcome to the official UC KOREA Wiki space! 안녕하세요! UC KOREA 위키에 오신걸 환영합니다~~

UC KOREA is University of Canterbury Korean Students and Korean Culture Association and also stands for Korean Oojeong (Friendship ^^), Representation, Education Association.

What is UC KOREA about?

  • education and promoting Korean culture –Korean food & snacks, Korean language, history, manners, traditional dances, sports, games, places to visit, Korean dramas and even K-Pop!
  • building friendships and having a good time :)
  • representing Korean students at UC –providing academic support and mentoring to new students, forming study help sessions etc

UC KOREA is an opportunity for Korean students to promote and represent Korean culture and for non-Korean students to learn about Korea, enhance international awareness and to experience diversity within NZ!

UC KOREA is open to Koreans and to everyone who is interested in Korean culture. If you would like to become a UC KOREA member, please email the following details to

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Email address
  • Student ID
  • Degree
  • Year of study (1st year, 2nd year etc)

(We respect your privacy and your personal details will only be used in terms of the membership process and will not be shared with others.)


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